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Re: Clutch lining smells after highway travel - 62 MGA

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Subject: Re: Clutch lining smells after highway travel - 62 MGA
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 09:00:02 -0000
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Does sound like clutch slip, I assume you have felt the hubs all round the car to eliminate brakes? The usual symptom of clutch slip is that in the highest gear you accelerate and the revs go up but the road speed doesn't - or at least it doesn't pro-rata, and when you decelerate gradually from that position the revs drop back again before the road speed starts to drop. The 'biting point' also gets noticeably high. But I'd do a simple check on the hydraulics first to make sure a problem there isn't preventing full pressure from being applied to the friction plate. Don't know about the MGA but on the MGB, from rest, you should *always* be able to push the clutch slave push-rod and piston *deeper* into the cylinder (watch the master isn't overfilled and overflows) to leave some slop in the linkages. If the piston is already 'bottomed' it is probably taking some of the pressure off the friction plate. If so, the clutch probably needs replacement by now anyway (and be prepared for a heat-damaged flywheel), but you wouldn't want a new clutch to go the same way.


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... If I drive for 20
-30 minutes at a relatively constant 60-65mph I can smell something like
hot brake/clutch lining. If I "pop the clutch" there is slippage.
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