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Re: tire question

Subject: Re: tire question
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 17:31:01 -0600
   I had the same thing happen on our '04 Toyota Prius a couple of 
months ago.  Took it to WalMart because it's right down the road. 
Without breaking the tire/wheel down, they said they couldn't fix it 
because it would be unsafe.  So I took it to the dedicated tire shop 
(not a chain, locally owned) where I've bought tires since I've lived 
here.  After dismounting the tire and inspecting it, they repaired it 
using a patch made for this purpose.  They said there are several 
possible reasons why WM "couldn't" fix my tire :  A.) They're living in 
the stone age and don't know any better.  B.) Store policy for whatever 
reason.  C.) They'd rather sell me a new tire than stock all the needed 
patches and train people in their selection and use.  They also said 
this was common  with chain stores.

   That tire is still on the car.



DON SCOTT wrote:
> Hello-
> This isn't exactly an MG question, more of a car question.  I have a
> '91 Mazda pickup that I bought new and it has a nice set of 6-year old
> Bridgestone tires that are/were in great shape.  One of them got a nail
> in the area between sidewall and tread.  Tire shop says it can't be
> fixed.  Can I run a tube in it?  MGs with wire wheels run tubes with
> radial tires, so won't this work in my application?
> Thanks!
> Don Scott
> '62 MGA 

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