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Re: tire question

To: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>, DON SCOTT
Subject: Re: tire question
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 10:42:21 +0100
Quite common overhere in the Netherlands, to insert rubber a "plug-in" in 
the hole where the nail has been.
I have had this several times, funny enough with almost brand new tires.
No problem afterwards.

In Germany however it is law, to replace such tires.
So there is a great second hand market of young tires from Germany to 
I assume this comes from the fact the Germans still can drive like hell with 
unlimited speed on many autobahns.

Germany also has a new law, the one easily can get the blame of an accident 
during winter time, if the car is not equipped with special winter tires, 
which offer the car a much better grip at temperatures below 7 deg C.



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Subject: Re: tire question

>   I had the same thing happen on our '04 Toyota Prius a couple of months 
> ago.  Took it to WalMart because it's right down the road. Without 
> breaking the tire/wheel down, they said they couldn't fix it because it 
> would be unsafe.  So I took it to the dedicated tire shop (not a chain, 
> locally owned) where I've bought tires since I've lived here.  After 
> dismounting the tire and inspecting it, they repaired it using a patch 
> made for this purpose.  They said there are several possible reasons why 
> WM "couldn't" fix my tire :  A.) They're living in the stone age and don't 
> know any better.  B.) Store policy for whatever reason.  C.) They'd rather 
> sell me a new tire than stock all the needed patches and train people in 
> their selection and use.  They also said this was common  with chain 
> stores.
>   That tire is still on the car.
>   Cheers,
>    CR
> DON SCOTT wrote:
>> Hello-
>> This isn't exactly an MG question, more of a car question.  I have a
>> '91 Mazda pickup that I bought new and it has a nice set of 6-year old
>> Bridgestone tires that are/were in great shape.  One of them got a nail
>> in the area between sidewall and tread.  Tire shop says it can't be
>> fixed.  Can I run a tube in it?  MGs with wire wheels run tubes with
>> radial tires, so won't this work in my application?
>> Thanks!
>> Don Scott
>> '62 MGA

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