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Re: tire question

To: Paul Hunt <>,
Subject: Re: tire question
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 14:44:52 +0100
I do not believe the sidewalls are plugged in NL.
But I am sure the running surface gets plugged when needed.
Perhaps I did not review Dons message in full depth.
His case maybe is just on the  edge of what is possible to fix.

Sidewalls of radial ply tires are vulnarable and visible damages often are 
an indication, that the steel radial cords inside are damaged with all 
My wife is a typical tire killer. She kills sidewalls of tires when hitting 
the pavements while trying to park once every two years..... This costs a 
new tire then, so on her car no expensive tires will be fitted.



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> That's the case in the UK as well but only in the tread area, and only a 
> certain distance in from the edge.  Are you saying in the Netherlands they 
> plug the sidewalls, or where the sidewall joins the tread as well, Hans?
> PaulH.
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>> Quite common overhere in the Netherlands, to insert rubber a "plug-in" in 
>> the hole where the nail has been.
>> DON SCOTT wrote:
>>> ...  One of them got a nail
>>> in the area between sidewall and tread.  Tire shop says it can't be
>>> fixed.

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