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[Mgs] Fuel tank problem--ideas?

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Subject: [Mgs] Fuel tank problem--ideas?
From: "Stuart MacMillan" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 17:11:56 -0700
My 1965 B has given me a lot of trouble over the last couple of years.  Last
year it was a coil that quit when hot.   Stranded me three times before I
figured it out, after replacing everything else first.  The worst was
waiting for a drawbridge that took a half hour.  I tried to wait it out by
idling, but gave up and shut the hot engine down.  Of course, it wouldn't re
start.  Five miles of traffic backed up between me and the bridge.   Coils
never fail, do they?   I've never seen this in my 45 years of messing with


Now I've got a pump cavitation problem.  I've tried two other pumps, and now
am using Moss's solid state pump that resists cavitation.  It's pretty darn
good, but not perfect.  I hear a loud clicking when it cavitates, and it
comes and goes.  If it stays long enough the engine will die, but restart.


So, the only thing I'm left with is the tank.  It is the original, so I
can't complain I guess.  But, if I remove the line, gas runs out of it no
problem.  The only thing I can figure is that rust or debris is clogging the
pick up when the pump is pumping.  But when I detach it from the carbs it
seems to pump fine.  


Any other ideas?  It looks like the only aftermarket tanks out there are
without baffles, and I don't like that idea.  





'65 Roadster 
Support Team.Net

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