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Re: [Mgs] Arizona cars for sale

To: Mark J Bradakis <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] Arizona cars for sale
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 06:33:20 -0600
We'll, I just bounced you over $12.50. Like Jim said, it was probably about

I don't suppose you'd want to divert some money to the Twin Cities viewing
chapter of  I broke my screen of my laptop.

By that I mean I left the laptop in the living room when I went to work, and
came back to it broken.  It's still 80% usable. :-(

On Dec 6, 2009, at 2:29 AM, Mark J Bradakis wrote:

> Jim Juhas wrote:
>> Well, Mark, it's about that time that I should be sending you some money
anyway.  I suppose I have no real control or influence over how you spend it.
> Many years ago when I first had to move Team.Net from the U of U to my home
> I had the very first fund drive to help cover the expenses involved in
running it
> here in the "Man Cave" as my sister-in-law calls it.  A subscriber on one
> the lists at the time ( way less than the 60+ now in place ) was skeptical,
> asked something like "How do we know he won't spend it on his own cars or
> beer or something?"
> And another subscriber responded, and I wish I could find that email
> somewhere.  Basically he said "So what if he does?"  His point was that as
> long as the Team.Net mail kept showing up every day, he was happy to pay
> a few bucks now and again to keep me happy and at keyboard doing what it
> takes to keep it flowing.
> I do spend most donations on the DSL and ISP bills and keeping the hardware
> working.  Some contributors specifically require their funds to go into the
> Fat Chance Garage Tool and Beverage Fund, rather then Team.Net general
> operating accounts.  ( Does that sound professional or what? )
> You might remember the fund drive in September regarding the
> whining disk and imminent failure.  How many days since then have you
> been without Team.Net?   Some times I do wish I actually kept a precise
> accounting of what I spend on monthly fees, hardware upgrades and such,
> as well as the exact amounts of donations that have come in over the years.
> Then taking that info coupled with an accurate measure of the hours per
> week I spend keeping it going, I could see what I am getting paid for doing
> this.  Sometimes, though, I think that number might actually be negative.
> Maybe that's why I don't want to really do the math!
> Gee, I'm rambling off, my original intention for this reply was to justify
> purchase of an MGB for MJB with donations.  But of course, I don't think
> $12,500 is going to show up in Paypal or checks in the PO Box.  $12.50
> maybe, but even that might be a long shot!
> mjb.
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