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Re: [Mgs] Arizona cars for sale

Subject: Re: [Mgs] Arizona cars for sale
From: Glenn Schnittke <>
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2009 19:22:20 -0600
Oh, I'm not saying you're out anything. Scott's idea was that a decent 
car of daily driver quality should cost around five grand. If you spend 
less than that you'll wind up spending a lot more than the difference 
between what you paid and 5 grand to own a car worth 5 grand.

I bought my present redcar for $3600 about 10 years ago. Five years ago 
it went under the knife and I wound up spending about $6k on it for just 
the body work and interior. Structure and cosmetics. I would not be able 
to get $9600 for the car now even that it's also now a show winner (yes, 
&:^) tied for Best in Class this summer in Nashville). It's still a 
daily driver. I might be able to get 8 thou off it but I've done a lot 
more than just body and carpet. I've learned a lot and Jette & I have 
gotten a lot of enjoyment.

I'm sure the number has probably increased today to maybe six grand but 
I think the formula still holds true. I think in the long run the MGB is 
still one of the best deals in used cars *if you enjoy driving for 
driving's sake* and don't mind doing the maintenance. The Miata may have 
taken this market, but I'm not THAT interested in them. Maybe for a 
racecar. We meet nice people driving MG's. You get what you pay for.


> $5K huh?  I blew it then; had about $6K in my '69 after the paint & body 
> work.  Never get that for it in my area.  That was a lot of years ago 
> though and I figure I've driven a lot of $$ out since then.  I rebuilt 
> it to drive it, not to look at it.
>   CR

Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight.

                        - Psuedolus


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