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To: Glenn Schnittke <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] Arizona cars for sale
From: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 2009 08:58:49 -0600
No worries; I was kidding.  It was a driver when I paid the PO $1800 for 
it.  It had some rust damage in the RR quarter panel but the rockers 
were sound & the rest of the paint (Iris Blue) was good.  Ran like a top 
after a tune up - for about one summer season - then the rings let go.  
I did a complete engine rebuild (+.030 HC  pistons), new clutch  
components, new U-joints.  Drove it to Happy Camp, CA, like that one 
year.  Towed it to MA & VT behind my MH the next year.  Added a 
overdrive tranny  the following winter.   In the spring I stripped off 
the windshield & trim, had the paint & body work done, including new 
metal welded into the rusty panel  - no Bondo.  Put in a new windshield 
with new seals.  Now, that's a trip!  Ever replaced a windshield  on a 
B  roadster?  

  Over the years I figure I have about $6,000 total in the car, not 
counting routine maintenance costs.  It helps to be able to do all your 
own mechanical work.  Engine parts were a lot cheaper then, too - if you 
had the right connections.  I figure I could get $3.5K or so for it if I 
advertised it in San Antonio; haven't checked the market in a long 
time.  All things considered I reckon the little car doesn't owe me a 


Glenn Schnittke wrote:
> Oh, I'm not saying you're out anything. Scott's idea was that a decent 
> car of daily driver quality should cost around five grand. If you 
> spend less than that you'll wind up spending a lot more than the 
> difference between what you paid and 5 grand to own a car worth 5 grand.


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