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Re: [Mgs] Replacing clutch flex line

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Replacing clutch flex line
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Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 21:13:27 -0600
Hi Craig,
    For ease of access to the clutch hose body mounting, disconnect the 
battery and remove the starter.  This gives you some wrench room. 
Disconnect the steel line from the hose. Remove the large nut and internal 
lock washer from the hose mounting. This is easiest if you have a short 
wrench . You will have to hold the hose fitting so the hose does not turn. 
Remove  hose from slave cyl..
    With the slave cylinder mounted, install the new hose to the cylinder. 
Don't forget the new copper sealing washer. Tighten  firmly. Allowing the 
hose to bend naturally isert it into the body mounting  and install the lock 
waser and  nut. Do not tighten, but leave some "wiggle room" to move the 
fitting  for alignment when starting the line fitting.  Holding the hose 
with a wrench, first tighten the mounting nut then the line fitting. Do not 
allow the hose to twist as twisting could shorten its life.
    Don't try to save the old fluid. Flush with fresh fliud to remove 
contaminants and moisture from the system. Clutch and brake fluids should be 
changed every one to two years to prevent problems.
    After bleeding  have some one push the pedal while you check the travel 
of the clutch cylinder pushrod. A good system will have 1/2 " to 5/8 " of 
movement of the pushrod at the  pin. Cussing is allowed on this job.
Ron Sanborn
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Subject: [Mgs] Replacing clutch flex line

> Hi Group,
> I have to replace my clutch flex lineon my 1973 MG and  I have misplaced 
> my workshop manual.
> Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to remove it?
> Thanks,
> Craig
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