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To: "Charley Robinson" <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] Steering Wheel
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 11:09:47 -0000
Modern cars?  They are usually write-offs in the most light of impacts if 
there is any metal distortion, i.e. crumpling of the front or rear crumple 
zones.  If you are really unlucky the fire brigade insist on cutting the 
roof off before letting you get out.  In one minor shunt at Heathrow airport 
the occupant got out and exchanged details with the other driver, then got 
back in to await a tow truck.  In the meantime someone had called the fire 
and ambulance and the former wouldn't let her get out again until they had 
cut the roof off.  In the UK insurance write-offs (where the insurance 
company decides it is beyond economic repair) are classified four ways in 
the UK - the most severe can only be crushed as a complete car, the next 
must have the body crushed but mechanical components can be reused.  The 
third can be repaired but must be inspected afterwards.  The least severe 
can be repaired but doesn't need to be inspected.


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> One car had more than $8,000 worth of damage and the other had more than
> $19,000 worth of damage. How sufficiently intense would you like it? Both 
> full
> frontal impacts.
Suggested annual donation  $12.75

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