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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Steering Wheel
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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 12:55:55 -0600
I was in my 2000 honda accord when someone pulled out in front of me.  I was 
going way too fast (maybe 60?) in a 35 zone and because of traffic I didn't 
see her until she was less than a car length away.  I wonder if I even had 
time to fully press the brake pedal.

early air bags, I am told, were rather nasty.  this one inflated, deflated, 
and was gone.  totally saved my neck and shoulders from the bite of the seat 
belt.  I LOVE air bags.  it was a no biggie for me.  I opened the door, sat 
in the car for a minute, called my wife, and then got out.  but I could have 
stayed in the car.  fortunately she got there right away, and took care of 
the paperwork.  I was quite rattled but physically pretty much ok.  of 
course the car was totaled (150k miles and 8 years old).

yes I drive funny little british cars, and no I wouldn't put one in because 
I don't think you can correctly aftermarket design and implement one, but I 
LOVE airbags and the fact that they are in my 2006 honda accord and 
especially in my daughter's nissan and my wife's honda.

> The one thing I got out of it, is that you CAN NOT stay in a car that has 
> had
> the airbag go off. I decided it was better to stand out in the light rain 
> in
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