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Re: [oletrucks] engine swap & motor mounts

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] engine swap & motor mounts
From: "James Hays" <thomasind@nventure.com>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 17:25:48 -0700
Mark: Lots of good info.

I just installed 350 / auto trans by removing front of cab xmember wondering 
how stout of a xmember I need to replace it with knowing have added trans 
xmember ( bolted 1 1/2" dia ). The removed xmember was real stout - bet it 
weight 60~70 lb. ?


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Subject: [oletrucks] engine swap & motor mounts

> hey-got so excited about the swap i didnt notice your other que.
> dont need diff motor mounts. but with auto-you are gonna have to remove
> bell xmember and replace with fully bolted near teh same spot to keep
> your cab all lined up. then you will have to add a light xmember at
> rear of trans to hold it up.
> as far as shifter. do what i did-modify your original 3spd shifter to
> work the 4spd auto.
> have over 100k miles on my 51 panel wit that setup. i sent pics before
> but can send to you if you want. easy. hardest part is nothing if you
> keep stock column.
> driveshaft will need to shorten and you will need diff trans end-any
> local shop can fix for under 200 inc parts.
> keep fact rad.
> i have a 7,000#(curb) 3800 dually that had the stock 235 and i did a
> swap to a 350 from the 80's that came out of a 15,000 bread van. tons
> of power. well, i kept the 2 core 6 cyl rad. got hot. so i went whole
> hog. i got a metal flex fan, made a custom shroud to trap all the air
> and get it rushing through core, used less than 10%
> antifreeze(nor-cal), distilled water, and a product called
> 'water-wetter'.
> doesnt heat up now in the mts pulling a trailer.
> BUT since you have a 3row v8 rad-you make a shroud and you will be
> fine. dont run more than 10% anti if in warm clime or more than 20% in
> cold or 40% in freezing. antifreeze does NOT transmit heat so is a
> LOUSY way to cool your engine. 'rant'
> dont mod 84 rad to fit. if your rad wont cut it-save up and suck it up
> and buy a desert cooler rad-copper only(can fix on side of road vs
> alum)
> mark

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