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[oletrucks] engine swap & motor mounts

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Subject: [oletrucks] engine swap & motor mounts
From: "Captain Kirk" <thecaptainkirk@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 21:58:40 -0700
Hey Guys,


I have a '57 Chevy 3100.

I will soon be attempting to pull out my original V8 engine (285?) and
"three on the tree" tranny, and replace them with a 350 engine and automatic
(700R4 I think?) combo from an '84 Chevy G20 van. 

Could anyone offer any advice in this area?

I am wondering about a few things like:

Will I need new motor mounts and if so where can I get a cheap pair?

Will I need new tranny mounts and if so where can I get a cheap set of

Is it possible to change the automatic transmission shifter controls from on
the column in the van to on the floor in the '57 truck?

If it is possible would almost any 4-speed automatic shifter controller on
the floor work from the salvage yard?

Will I need to modify (lengthen / shorten) the drive shaft?

Should I keep the factory '57 radiator, or attempt to use the '84 Van
radiator in the '57?


Cheap advice / parts would be preferred; my budget is extremely low.

Special thanks in advance to all responses!!


Kirk Brown

Mira Loma, CA 91752

'57 Chevy 3100 Series

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