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keeping 7018 rod dry

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Subject: keeping 7018 rod dry
From: "Richard George x 7247 (sun)" <>
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 09:29:59 -0800

After much delay (new baby and all), I finally got a chance to start
working on several welding projects that have been waiting for quite
a while...

After trying a couple of rod types, I found out why I used to like 7018
rod so much (6011 makes a nasty looking weld, 6013 hardly penetrates - 
I ended up using 7014, but I prefer reverse DC...).  The problem is that
the school had one of those funky electrode drying ovens to keep the
7018 fresh, and...

My question is:  how can the "small" guy keep this stuff dry?  I was 
thinking maybe a toaster oven or something..  What do the rest of 
you do about this?  Are those funky gasketed plastic tubes good enough?

Any input would be greatly appreciated



(Richard George)

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