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Re: drilling brake rotors

To: "Steven Trovato" <>,
Subject: Re: drilling brake rotors
From: "John Viviani" <>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 19:52:01 -0500
I forgot this. Very true.

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> I think I have found another benefit of grooved brake rotors.  On my
> in heavy rain, after traveling on the highway the brakes were basically
> useless for the first second or so of application.  After that second it
> seems that enough water squished out of the way to allow the brakes to
> function.  I have installed grooved rotors and this has improved the wet
> braking situation.  That first second can be mighty important.  Note, I
> purchased grooved rotors.  I did not do anything to groove the ones I had.

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