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Re: Sawzall v anglegrinder

To: "Steven Trovato" <>,
Subject: Re: Sawzall v anglegrinder
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 09:18:36 -0600
> One thing I've come across lately is a circular saw blade called the Morse
> "metal devil".  It cuts metal like it's wood.  It doesn't grind it, it
> actually makes chips.

Really timely.  I'm trying to finish my hangar before the snow gets too
deep, and I have about 150 feet of metal siding to saw.  I have an Oldham
ferrous metal blade for my Skilsaw, and it's not that great - but it was all
that I could find on short notice.  A typical home center POS.

It _does_ make chips, but it's slow and also tends to burn on the
corrugations.  Leaves a horrible edge too.  Since I'm now looking at another
project that will require WAY more cutting of the same stuff, I need to know
how to do it efficiently.  This Morse blade looks like a typical carbide
wood-cutting blade - way differet from the other metal blades I've seen.

This doesn't seem to be the same as the old, well- respected Morse Cutting
Tool company - different website entirely.  Hmmmm....

I echo Phil Ethier's comment - what a great list.  While the TR list gets
waaaay off topic waaaay too often, this one is really useful.



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