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Re: Sawzall v anglegrinder

Subject: Re: Sawzall v anglegrinder
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 18:51:45 -0500
At 07:27 PM 11/24/03 +0000, you wrote:

>In the past I've used an angle grinder or cutoff saw for cutting bar or 
>angle. The angle grinder may not be pretty but it gets the job done, and 
>you can always dress up your mistakes afterwards!  Nowadays I notice more 
>of the Sawzall type tools appearing (in the UK). These are still fairly 
>foreign tools to us so I was wondering what they are used for on home 
>If you had to cut some 2x<" flat bar or angle which would you use?
>Seeing the prices that Sawzalls are offered for over here I'd be glad of 
>some user info before investing.


A sawzall is a great tool - if we are talking about the same "sawzall".  It
is basically an electric reciprocating saw - the blade moves in and out.
The are fairly big an heavy - and actually work like any hand saw - move the
blade forward and backwards across the item to be cut.  I have a friend that
swares by his, and we've cut up a few cars with it.

The advantage to them is that you can change the blades and cut metal, wood,
or just about anything.  A long metal cutting blade can make short work of
cutting through a piece of pipe or box channel.

Their disadvantage is that the blade moves in and out - so on a car you need
to beable to cut through the piece of metal.  If you trying to cut off say a
rear quarter panel, you may have problems because the saw will keep hitting
the inner panel of the car.

But the sawzall is a great tool for most jobs!

You mentioned cutting bar stock.  If you are cutting a lot of bar stock,
angle, box, pipe, etc. I would suggest that you get a metal cutting band 
saw. You clamp the raw metal in it's clamp, turn it on, lower the blade, 
and it will cut the piece while you do something else.  When the cut is 
complete the arm of the saw moves down a little and automatically shuts 
off the saw.

If you want to cut sheet metal, that's another story.  I die grinder /w a
cutoff wheel or a cut off tool will do, so will a "good" saber saw or 
better yet a plasma cutter (if you can afford one).

So like so many things, it a matter of speed, what it is your really trying
to do, and what tools you have or can afford.  

Hope this helps some.


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