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[Shop-talk] trimmer recommendations?

Subject: [Shop-talk] trimmer recommendations?
From: Mark Andy <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 14:29:19 -0400 (EDT)

So I went to HD and Lowe's looking for weed whacker parts.  I didn't find 
any parts (surprise), but I did look at trimmers...

I'm thinking I should maybe just get a new trimmer, and had some 

First, I'd much prefer to have a trimmer that didn't have a gas motor on 
it.  But I'm too far away from an outlet for lots of the trimming.

They have cordless electrical trimmers.  How much do they suck?  How long 
can you trim on a battery?  The one I was looking at was 18V, but I forget 
the brand.

If I go with a gas motor, do I want to stick with 2 cycle or go to 4 
cycle?  4 cycle means I don't need to deal with mixing/keeping 2 stroke 
gas around (which I don't use for anything else), so that would be nice. 
Any issues with the 4 cycle engines?

I also liked the attachments on some of them... I think Lowe's had the 
troybuilt stuff, and you could just plug in an edger or a limb cutter. 
That's nice.  Any issues with this approach, or is it pretty 

On the trimmer itself, straight shaft or bent shaft?  Is one better than 
the other across the board?

Finally, any recommendations here?  If I go gas, I'd like to have one that 
can also be an edger & perhaps a shrub trimmer.  I'd like one that handles 
neglect, particularly related to motor upkeep, well.



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