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[Spridgets] OT - looking to get a new family car

Subject: [Spridgets] OT - looking to get a new family car
From: lists at woozy.com (Robert Weeks)
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2012 16:58:18 -0500
References: <CABWjhcKX5xeKqgFsvMLs4uPTpAtmwMOdosDVHT+2QywxEbUSEg@mail.gmail.com>

We had a 1998 V70 and I currently own a 2001 C70. These cars are not 
bullet-proof like earlier generations of Volvos were. I think we got 
around 200k out of the V70 before the engine started to go.

The absolutely most frustrating thing about these cars is that Volvo 
specifically used plastics in these car that would biodegrade faster. In 
our experience most of the plastics in the car start to give up the 
ghost when the car is around 10 years old. Some of these pieces are 
purely cosmetic and don't really matter, while others, like parts used 
in the radiator are crucial to the operation of the car.

Both cars had a problem with the dash where the poorly engineered dash 
to firewall fasteners snapped causing the dash to rattle and squeak.  
This is unfortunately a very common problem and will drive anyone nuts:


Both cars had stupid things like the sun visors break. Replacement sun 
visors for Volvos are around $200 new and maybe $100 on ebay. The lame 
cup holders break regularly and cost $80 a pop to replace. Not deal 
breakers but little things that add up over time.

FWIW - I have a Dodge Dakota which has the same mileage as my C70 and 
has never had a problem other than needing a new gas cap. The Dodge 
looks and drives like it is brand new, where with the Volvo we're hoping 
to be lucky enough to squeak another year out of it. When it comes time 
to replace the C70 I don't think we'll be looking to replace it with 
another Volvo.



On 3/4/2012 2:41 PM, Rick Bastedo wrote:
> We're looking at a 1999 Volvo V70 wagon.
> We would be getting it for very low price but it has a couple mechanical
> issues.

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