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[Spridgets] OT - looking to get a new family car

Subject: [Spridgets] OT - looking to get a new family car
From: lists at woozy.com (Robert Weeks)
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2012 11:02:13 -0500
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Hi Rick,

 From what I understand "being green" was the motivation behind this. 
I've got nothing against being green, but when you manufacture cars 
which have a reputation of lasting forever, this seems to be a 
particularly boneheaded maneuver. I've read on the Volvo boards that the 
240 series had a problem with biodegradable plastic being used in the 
wiring harnesses, causing the owners a lot of problems as the cars aged. 
I guess they remedied this on the post-240 series cars.

When I was younger I owned a 1969 Volvo 164 which was a tank. Picked it 
up for next to nothing and drove it for years. Wish I had held on to 
that one.

Good luck,


On 3/4/12 5:08 PM, Rick Bastedo wrote:
> Was this some way of Volvo choosing to "be green" with their cars?

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