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Re; Air Cleaners

To: tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: Re; Air Cleaners
From: Rick Fedorchak <richard.fedorchak@gsfc.nasa.gov>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 11:43:16 -0400
>Phil wrote:     
>>      -A few months ago, knowing what the AC air cleaner assemblies sell >
for, I contacted one of the sheet metal suppliers our company
 Rick H. wrote:
>>....... reproduction pieces, no >matter how faithful, would not be
attractive to the MAJORITY of Tiger >collectors.
Then Larry Wrote:
>........ don't we all use new bits on our cars? Could we afford to insist
on NOS rubber weatherstripping, for example?
 ____ If parts that are unavailable become available again, then isn't that
good for every- one except those who 
< snip >................................... have cars that are original and
feel that the investment value (insert rasberry here)
 of their cars drops because other folks can restore their Tigers?____

Ka Ching !!!!    We have a winner here !     I think you nailed it with that
last comment , Larry.

 While I have ( in theory anyway ) nothing against originality, it seems
that the old car hobby has migrated from an  emphasis on driving,  enjoying,
and generally just  having fun with the vehicles...... to a fanatical desire
to posess the most original example available.   This in turn appears to
have created a form of snobbery posessed by those who "have" original cars
versus those who don't.   What a shame. 

Hey,    Rick H.,  what's wrong with making a repop air cleaner ,
particularly if it's a faithful reproduction of the
 original ??  Why would this not appeal to the Tiger collector ? ( Assuming
of course you mean collector as Tiger owner/driver/enthusiast and not _just_
collector ).   I think that if there are enough people that want to buy
them, and the price/quality are good........then go for it.   

 >Ron said
>>I would too.  I'm sure they would be easily identifiable as repro's
.............t >
Rob Kempinski wrote:
>I'm all for a reproduction air cleaner. And the closer one can make it look
like the original the better as far as I'm >concerned. Then the parts can
sell for manufacturing cost plus an equity factor and not some dollar
inflated >aberration.
I agree. If you're gonna make a reproduction part......then why not make it
identical to the original ??

>>Then again, I can just see it now - a Tiger Air Cleaner Authenication
committee. Decals to be placed on a >>suitably inconspicuous spot just
underneath the AC on the top of the cleaner.

I'm sure I'm gonna open myself up for major flames..........but that
statement remings me of  some of the absolute nonsense being put forth by
TAC advocates about a year or so ago. ( remember the comment about the car
that had the back half of an alpine grafted on, but was determined by the
TAC gods to be a "real" Tiger cause the firewall was still intact  ?? )
Gimme a break.  Says _WHO_  ??  (  And who cares anyway ?? ) 

Back to the repop parts......hey, if you're gonna nix the idea of repopping
an air cleaner because it might not appeal to the purists, then ( to extend
on  Larry'scomment of using new pieces on cars )  maybe we'd better close
down places like Sunbeam specialties and such for offering repop taillight
lenses, LAT wheels, etc. etc.

I sometimes feel that we're heading the way of the Camaro ( a random example
) enthusiast.  A world where the correct placement, color, and style of
firewall chalkmarks is all important...........

Time for a reality check.....

                                            Rick Fedorchak

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