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Subject: Re: Re; Air Cleaners
From: NamasteRH@aol.com
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 07:40:30 -0400
Phil, et al:

I think Larry Wright's response to my initial ramblings was correct and

   I don't follow; don't we all use new bits on our cars? Could we afford
to insist on NOS rubber weatherstripping, for example? If parts that
are unavailable become available again, then isn't that good for every-
one except those who can afford the time & money for tracking down
NOS, or those who have cars that are original and feel that the investment
value (insert rasberry here) of their cars drops because other folks can
restore their Tigers?

While I had no intention of intimating that we should all be slaves to the
gods of originality (especially since that is not something that is truly
even possible), I did not make my opinion clear by saying:

For me, I tend to feel about my car's parts the way the Italians feel about
collosium - restore it  to original FORM, but make it darned obvious where
the original stops and the fabrication starts.

For those of you not familiar with the structure and its restoration, the
artisans of Rome have recreated much of that monument in the exact form of
the original, using newer technology and preservation techniques so that the
new construction will be (hopefully) better than the original in strength and
stability.  BUT they used a different color for the stonework than the
original so that there would never be any question about which civilization
was responsible for which work.

Now obviously we are not (in most cases) dealing with ancient ruins here, but
I do feel that, to some extent, our cars are historic and worthy of every
attempt at maintaining originality WITHIN REASON.  I agree wholeheartedly
with those who say that the cost of items such as Tiger air cleaners is
artificially high (as may be those who are trying to sell them at those
prices) and far exceeds their real value.  I will probably never find an
original one at a reasonable price, but I think that I should never stop
looking for one (I have a dream!).

I then went a step beyond when I said:

 And since I do not have unlimited funds for my car, I choose to leave the
non-stock 4bbl and air cleaner there until I run into a reasonably priced
original piece.

I said that more to seal my point than to be absolutely beiligerant.  Never
say never.  Having now put more than a nanosecond of thought into it, I would
have to say that I too would welcome the opportunity to purchase such an
item.  But I still say that I would like to see some indication (a stamp or
some such thing in a not-too-obvious place) that the piece is a reproduction.

Having said that, I look forward to the successful creation of the
reproduction air cleaner, for all of our sakes, and I stand by my original
statement that those who 
would care to own one (myself included) ought to help defray the startup
costs.  It is a good idea and deserves the support of those concerned.

One more thing.  Anyone who believes that the Sunbeam marque could survive
without those wonderful folks who have recreated parts that are no longer
available, or that could not have survived the years (such as those made of
leather or rubber), is living in a fantasy world.  When someone offers to
make something that supports the marque we should all support the effort, so
long as it is done well.  Anyone who told Phil that he ought not do this was
being myopic in the extreme.

Adjusting for inflation, that's about 13 cents.

Good luck, Phil.

Rick Hoefle 

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