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RE: Sorry, Martha

To: Bo Cheadle <bcheadle@montgomery.com>
Subject: RE: Sorry, Martha
From: "A. C. Tynes" <actynes@communique.net>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 10:22:08 -0500 (CDT)

        Don't let the bitchers get you down. From now on, let's each send a
reply to such messages - "BITCH, BITCH, BITCH"

        They'll eventually get the hint. 

A. C. Tynes
Usetobe owner of a Mark I

At 07:28 AM 7/24/97 -0700, you wrote:
>You hit the nail right on the head; this has become a bitcher's group
>instead of a group seeking to help and support one another in support of
>the marque. I own two of these cars and belong to several chat pages and
>this is the worst in terms of bitching I have ever seen. Not that anyone
>cares but I plan to give it a few more weeks and then check out due to
>all of the bitching. Who needs it?
>>From:         jhankins@ix.netcom.com[SMTP:jhankins@ix.netcom.com]
>>Sent:         Wednesday, July 23, 1997 4:27 PM
>>To:   STUART_BRENNAN@HP-Andover-om3.om.hp.com; tigers@autox.team.net
>>Subject:      Re: Sorry, Martha
>>>Jeez, am I the only one who can understand what I wrote????
>>I don't know what's become of this group! 
>>I can't get anybody to tell me what I should put in my transmission, and you
>>have people climbing 
>>over one another to hammer you for an innocent (and helpful) post.

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