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Header wrap

To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Header wrap
From: Anita Barrett <anitabrt@mindspring.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 00:22:43 -0400
Hello Tigers,
        I noted a week or 3 ago that I was going to put Thermo-tec 
on my headers to keep the heat fron destroying my A arm bushings.
Here is my report on Thermo-tec on a 351C Tiger:
        Had to remove the headers to install the 2" wide by about
1/8 inch thick woven fibers ( rock wool or crude fiberglass?). 
        You have to wet the stuff so it will wrap right.
        I used the Thermo-tec SS straps to secure the
wrapping.  ( Almost healed up from the cuts now)
        I did one side and then decided to get the Thermo-tec
        You are susposed to let the wrapping dry before
painting with Thermo-tec high temp paint.  Turns out the
expensive paint is apparently just plain old aluminum 
paint.   I did not get the second wrapping completely dry before
painting.  Apparently that was not a bit problem.
        The Thermo-tec is light tan and fuzzy prior to
painting. After painting it is fuzzy and aluminum colored.
Not exactly a show car appearance.
        For 3 days the stuff smelled like a cross between
hot antifreeze, burning sugar and sweet and sour sauce.
        After driving the wrap gets quite hot, but not as bad
as plain steel tubes.  
        The good news is that the Thermo-tec cuts down the
noise from the headers.
        The bad news is that the Tiger now runs 10 degrees C
        I have not noticed any decrease in the interior 
temperature from the wrap.

        I finally got the fiberglass out of my arms
after using a lot of wide masking tape to pull it and my arm 
hairs out.

PS: My wife bought a new disk for the computer and had it
installed at the dealer.  The dealer very nicely broke
the C drive while he was doing the "free" installation.
I have lost all the Tiger mail messages I had saved.
My wife spent 13 hours reinstalling SW and I have just
completed 5 hours of work trying to get the modem to work.
I finally got it as you can see from this message.

Jim Barrett Tiger II 351C and others.

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