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Re: Racing Tigers/Alpines On TV?

To: stubrennan@attbi.com
Subject: Re: Racing Tigers/Alpines On TV?
From: ssage@socal.rr.com
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 10:33:19 -0800
stubrennan@attbi.com wrote:

>Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't GT1 full of what are basically Trans Am 
>Cars?  Tube framed purpose built "funny cars" that only vaguely resemble their 
>alleged street cousins?  I saw Tom's Tiger a few years back, and while much of 
>it has been massaged over the years, it did start life as a real Tiger. I 
>that even with free induction and no weight penalty, he could make much 
>there.  And if he did start winning there, I'm sure Ford or Chevy would start 
>lobbying the rules makers just the same.....
Good point. However, hasn't Tom has won a few races outright with mixed 
classes (GT1 and 2) running at the same time through the years, despite 
this (not this year, I know)? Of course, the bottom line is that there'd 
probably have to be a lot more money thrown at the Tigers to win 
consistently. Maybe Tom can contact the Rootes factory to see if they'd 
be interested in helping out!

Steve Sage

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