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Re: Leaking Bucket (Oil Pan)

To: mickdragoon@aol.com
Subject: Re: Leaking Bucket (Oil Pan)
From: Theo Smit <tsmit@shaw.ca>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 20:38:41 -0700
I have a Canton pan (they have a part specifically intended for the Tiger),
along with the windage tray and matching oil pump pickup, and I've had no issues
with fit, leakage, or function, although I haven't had opportunity to test the
functionality of the baffles and trapdoors. Others are of the opinion that the
Aviaid pan is a better product for that kind of money, so try to get a look at
both products if you can before plunking down your cash.

Theo Smit

MickDragoon@aol.com wrote:

> Yes, my bucket has a hole in it. Technically, it has a bunch of holes but it
> has one more than it should. Therefore, the leaker has to go! Does anyone
> have experience with larger capacity aftermarket oil pans (Canton, Moroso,
> Milodon, etc.)? Specific part #'s? Is anyone reproducing the LAT 4 aluminum
> oil pan? Love to have an original one but I do not want to mortgage my house
> to buy one! Thanks for the help!
> Mickey Gauldin
> B382000151

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