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Re: Leaking Bucket (Oil Pan)

To: tsmit@shaw.ca, asugar@hwageo.com
Subject: Re: Leaking Bucket (Oil Pan)
From: Veeseeoso@aol.com
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 00:06:21 EST
Hello Theo, Arnie and Listers,

The following is an email I archived concerning Tiger oil pans. I trust you 
may find this useful.

Subj:    Re: 8-QUART ALUM PAN
Date:   9/25/2002 7:53:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From:   res0ky98@verizon.net (Ken Mattice)
To: Veeseeoso@aol.com

As you have heard from the list, the Canton is not the way to go as regards
fitment to a Tiger. I am selling (as the Tiger Distributor) a made for the
Tiger, Aluminum pan that combines external dimensions of the old Tiger pan
with the various versions of the Cobra and Shelby GT350 Aviads. It is made
by Jeff Johnson at Billet Fabrications on CNC equipment and equipped with
all the one way trap doors, scrappers, baffles and oil temp fittings.
Included oil pickup sits in a box well and the pan holds 8-quarts. Fits the
tiger much better at the crossmember drivers side than any of the Aviads....
Why are they better...No distortion and weeping like steel due to a thick
billet framerail..Don't suck gaskets like steel..and generally are installed
by virtually all professional engine builders without gaskets...only
RTV...They fit so tight that a seperate threaded hole is provided , where
there is no hole on the block so that you can thread a bolt in there and get
it off without beating on the pan..I have never had one leak so much as a
You can see this pan on My Stoker FI engine article.on the Tigers United
Jeff was the production Manager at Aviad for 16 years..There are no steel
pans in the competition world any more, and with the advent of CNC, the same
will be true of the street/ strip world as well. Aviad will be gone in a
couple years, as recent attempt to sell the company have fallen out of
escrow when due diligence revealed the steel pans demise...
Cost is the same as the Aviads...
Any sort of auto-X or open track without a real pan is engine
If you would like addittional info you can contact me on-line
or at (626) 358-1754
Best Regards,
Ken Mattice

The above respectfully resubmitted,
Henry Vicioso

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