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Re: [Tigers] Tigers Hydrogen Fuel WOB/OT

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Tigers Hydrogen Fuel WOB/OT
From: "William Lau" <mrlau@charter.net>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 09:46:59 -0500
In an earlier post someone had some Alpine wheels for only $295 per wheel if
that will help you meet your goal. I'm sure you can trade your Tiger engine
to the same seller for an early (smaller) Alpine engine but be prepared to
pay the difference. -- Bill --

Ok, that's it. I cannot stand all this eco-pressure. Enough is enough, I
quit! Tonight, I'm tearing that 300 HP gas-guzzling beast of a 289 out
of my car and replacing it with an Alpine powertrain. But before I do, I
need to know what I else I have to do to make my car as authentic an
Alpine as I can.

- Since I own a Mk1A, I would assume I would need to follow any and all
pathways to convert it to a Series V Alpine. Am I correct?
- The tach and wooden steering wheel need to be replaced with suitable
Alpine components, but I'm a little hazy on the center consol, any
- That battery box thing will be a bit tricky, I will have to remove the
Holley fuel pump and replicate a battery box, someone have the
- I can move the spare tire up into the well, but do I need to
air-chisel out the Tiger's mount? Do I throw out the trunk platform and
attachment hooks?
- The chrome side trim and "Tiger" emblems need to be removed, but what
to do with the trim mount rivets sticking out. Any suggestions?
- The 1725 would be correct for a Series V, but could I get better
mileage out of the original 1500? Thoughts?
- How much of the transmission tunnel do I have to beat back into shape?
Can I just cut another hole for the Alpine shifter, or do I need to weld
in a cover plate over the Tiger shifter's location?
- What about those pesky access holes for the Tiger's shift linkage,
rocker cover, and number 8 spark plug, ignore or weld up?
- Will the Salisbury rear end work (mine's a 3.21 posi), or do I need to
get an Alpine rear axel assembly? Since I'm going eco, which OD unit is
- I don't know if I can live without our beloved negative Ackerman
issues, can I keep the rack-and-pinion or do I have to convert to the
Alpine worm box?
- Shocks an springs are another issue, do I keep the Konis or go back to
the old blue stock ones?
Tongue firmly planted in cheek.
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