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Re: [Tigers] Tiger MK II sniping thoughts

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Tiger MK II sniping thoughts
From: <sralsten@ca.rr.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 12:40:09 -0500
The advantage of sniping is time as well as convenience. If you enter a max bid
of 10K in ebay then that bid will be utiliazed as soon as needed if it's 3 days
before the auction end or 30 minutes. It easily gives people who want to plenty 
of time to see
your bid and enter a new bid themselves.

If you enter max bid of 10K through sniping the snipe software signs on as you 
and makes the minimum bid needed to win with 6 or less seconds to go. So quick 
that manual bidders that are
watching the auction can't hit the buttons fast enough to make another bid.

Of course bottom line is the biggest bid wins but I often see items rise for 
several days
then go dormant only to rise in the last 10 minutes. With sniping you don't 
have to remember
the auction end time, it is programed. You don't have to enter bids 1 minute 
before the end to be sure you got logged in OK. Only the final seconds matter 
and I don't have to do anything. I have 3 snipe bids loaded now for things 
ending within minutes of each other while I' at work and can't
really pay attention.

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