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Re: [Tigers] Master Cylinder Question

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Master Cylinder Question
From: "Thomas Witt" <atwittsend@verizon.net>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 16:42:05 -0700
I have the Datsun master cylinder on my Tiger.  In my case it came off a 
mid-70's 610. The Datsun M/C comes in two general sizes.  I think for the 
Tiger (assuming your not running a booster) you would want the 3/4".  That 
is what I have. The other size I recall is 11/16".  This is what I find on 
almost all the Z cars.

A couple of notes on installation. First, people often recommend the early 
70's pick up truck M/C (3/4").  The reason is it did not have a booster (nor 
did the early 510's - 3/4" also). My M/C came off a boosted 610.  I had to 
modify an actuation rod because booster cars do not have a "captured" rod. 
In the end I got an adjustable rod off a non boosted Volvo 122 and ground 
the round tip to fit. The piston retainer at the end of the cylinder was too 
large from the Volvo.  I had to grind it to fit.

 The task is sort of like trying to grind a nickel down to the diameter of a 
penny.  I just let it slip/spin on the rod until to ground to fit. It wasn't 
pretty, but it works just fine.  Just get it small enough to fit the hole, 
but large enough for the retaining clip to hold. The adjustable aspect of 
the Volvo rod was a great benefit in the final assembly.

Additionally, the two mounting holes need to be files slightly to match the 

Lastly getting it plumbed in was a task.  I thought I could find and adapter 
that took the flared end of a Datsun metric brake line and connect it to the 
flared end of the Tiger brake line.  I looked FOREVER and never found 

Apparently there is an adapter that changes the fitting right at the M/C. I 
never found that either. Someone recommended a Dave Brean??? to have had the 
part.  In the end I'm just re-flaring my lines to a common standard using 
the Datsun metric line for a portion of the run.

If someone out there has a complete kit and you have the money I'd say just 
buy it. Otherwise if your a cheap-o like me you will struggle to gather and 
adapt all you need.
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