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Re: [Tigers] Turn Signals, Steering Wheels and Seats

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Turn Signals, Steering Wheels and Seats
From: Larry Paulick <lpaulick1@verizon.net>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 15:31:22 -0400
I have the Fonza seat in my Tiger.  Like them as you sit in the as 
opposed as sitting on the Tiger seat.  The higher back does away with 
wind buffeting.  Adds leg room.  Work is involved.


On 7/13/10 2:48 PM, Sandy Ganz wrote:
> Tiger Fun -
> Was up to 2am working on the Tiger last night. Got a new steering wheel 
> from Crowders Customizing and this one seems to work. This was a Nardi branded
> one vs. some generic that I received last time. Some of the trim had to be
> removed and it seems about an 1" longer then the Motolita wheel adapter
> (steering is 1" closer to driver). But spline is correct. The trim is a bit
> short but some black paint will make it look good enough.
> While that was out rebuilt the turn indicator switch with a Sunbeam 
> kit and that was a lot of fun getting the pivot/rivet thing out. It was hard 
> drill as it spun, finally crimped it and shoved a screwdriver in to keep from
> spinning. Mission accomplished, my turn switch now cancels when you turn the
> wheel!
> And now an actual question!
> Anyone use Corbeau seats in their tiger? I was looking at the Classic II 
> and want something that I can drop onto the tiger rails without too much work
> and that don't like like seats from a Honda Civic Racer.
> http://www.corbeau.com/products/fixed_back_seats/classic_ii/#
> Thanks for any seat tips, someone sent me some a while back, but I can't dig 
> the email.
> Sandy
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