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Re: [Tigers] Turn Signals, Steering Wheels and Seats

To: michael king <michael.s.king@gmail.com>, "Smit, Theo"
Subject: Re: [Tigers] Turn Signals, Steering Wheels and Seats
From: Sandy Ganz <sganz@pacbell.net>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 17:48:56 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks all so far for the seat suggestions. Michael was the one that I was 
looking for. I like the look of that seat, still looks vintage. The width of 
Cobra Classic was 19.3" and the wide point and I think the Corbeau's were right 
at 19" as well. I'll have to get some measurements going.

I may be removing the console and that might allow some wiggle room but will 
have to get the tape measure out tonight.

Also Michael, what did you do to mount those seats, did you use the Sunbeam 
rails or new brackets to mount the seats?  And same question Larry ;)

Thanks a bunch for the feedback!


From: michael king <michael.s.king@gmail.com>
To: "Smit, Theo" <Theo.Smit@dynastream.com>
Cc: Sandy Ganz <sganz@pacbell.net>; "tigers@autox.team.net" 
Sent: Tue, July 13, 2010 3:45:57 PM
Subject: Re: [Tigers] Turn Signals, Steering Wheels and Seats

I used the cobra classic bucket, which from what i can tell is almost the same 
as the corbeau classic seat.. the one you have shown looks a little wide.. here 
is a picture of the bucket in my alpine SII.

On 14 July 2010 07:15, Smit, Theo <Theo.Smit@dynastream.com> wrote:

Check the base measurements on that seat... I'm not sure that it will fit side
>to side. They have the original Classic that is an inch narrower, but even
>that one might be a squeeze to get in there. IIRC, the Tiger rails are also
>not symmetric with respect to the seat centerline so some adapting is required
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>Subject: [Tigers] Turn Signals, Steering Wheels and Seats
>Tiger Fun -
>And now an actual question!
>Anyone use Corbeau seats in their tiger? I was looking at the Classic II
>and want something that I can drop onto the tiger rails without too much work
>and that don't like like seats from a Honda Civic Racer.
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