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Really, Tom?  Never ridden in a Tiger?  I had no idea...we'll have to fix

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>>>I have never driven my Tiger....unfortunately. I purchased the car as 
>>>a barn find and it has gotten shuffled to the back of a few other 

Been there..., doing that.  It will be 14 years "garaged Tiger" come
January. I have never even ridden in ANY Tiger yet.  Other than my own I
have only sat in one other Tiger.  That was Tim Ronak's. And that was only
because in conversation I stated such and he opened the door and gestured me

   What is it that keeps our Tigers from getting completed???  In my case it
has been four interrupting car projects I thought I could get done faster,
and cheaper (but, no, not really).  It has been three, month long trips back
East. It has been termites running rampant on my home.  It has been a new
roof that was needed too soon.  It has been homeschooling two kids. It has
been a failed economy that has cut my income nearly 75%. And, it has just
been getting older and slower.  Not to hijack this thread (start a new one
to reply) but how many others have long running Tiger projects that sit, and
Sit and SIT?


>I have never driven my Tiger....unfortunately. I purchased the car as a  
>barn find and it has gotten shuffled to the back of a few other projects.
> I have however been for a few rides in basically stock 260 tigers, or 
> even slightly modified Tigers, but I wouldnt have characterized them 
> as you all are. More elegant for me, some muscular, less of the beast 
> that Im reading about here. Certainly more guts and grunt than a 
> spitfire or an MG ( as so many people tend to compare them too, not my 
> interpretation, but others..).
> One of my "projects" now completed is a replica Shelby Cobra on a very 
> "correct looking" 90 inch wheelbase and body, but with slight and 
> tasteful mods. It features a dyno'd 485 horse stroked windsor, in a 
> 2300lb car. Its a roller motor, and I turn it to about 7 grand on 
> occasion, when I feel like taking my life into my hands ...it tries to 
> put power to the ground via 335/35-17s. That car strikes me when I 
> drive it as a "body wrapped around a motor". Now that's not to 
> minimize the Tiger. Of all the cars I have ever had the pleasure of 
> owning, the Tiger probably interests me the most, but I find it
interesting what we all define as a motor-focused car.
> I suppose its all relative to what your used too, or your personal 
> threshold is for adrenaline. Ive seen some Tigers that would beat my 
> kit car Cobra into a pulp on the racetrack so I'm sure they all are 
> their own experience. I truly cant wait to have the Tiger going. Its a 
> big project, probably why its been procrastinated, but it fascinates me
for sure.


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