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I'm coming to Kansas!

Subject: I'm coming to Kansas!
From: Eric Moon <>
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2000 21:33:01 -0400
Vince Bly <> on 08/31/2000 11:22:16 PM

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Subject:  I'm coming to Kansas!

1> When are you arriving/leaving?

Sunday PM/Friday Noon.

2> Where are you from?

Mars.   OK, Harrisburg, PA .

3> Where are you staying?

I'll find out when I get there.   Umm, something about dead bodies?

4> What are you driving?/In what class?

Last year's GS Champion TypeR.  In G Stock, I think.

5> When are you running?

Same time as H Stock, but opposite course.

6> And?

I'm all ready for my Nationals adventure.  Fresh tires, comfy sneakers, a
ratty pit bicycle and lots of dollar bills for Sunday night :-P

Eric Moon
  2000 Pennsylvania State Solo II Champion - G Stock
Co-Driver - Team Wasabi G Stock '00 Acura Type R 
'92 Miata - D Prepared Wannabe


Appalachian Sports Car Club  

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