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Re: I'm coming to Kansas!

Subject: Re: I'm coming to Kansas!
From: "Darren P. Madams" <>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 08:40:52 -0700
Vince Bly wants to know:
1> When are you arriving/leaving?
We're leaving Oakland, California Friday morning on Southwest. arriving at 
about 12:30 local time.  Leaving Kansas 9:30am on Saturday.

2> Where are you from?
Various parts of the Bay Area in California (Nationals entry will say 
Walnut Creek, but I have to pack up that apartment the moment I get back 
from nats)

3> Where are you staying?
Amerisuites (super discount rate for using the Entertainment book!)

4> What are you driving?/In what class?
1998 CRG Kalifornia kart w/ borrowed Honda power (thanks, Tony!).  In F125!

5> When are you running?
Thursday and Friday 3rd heat.

6> And?
My girlfriend, Sarah, is driving in F125L in only her second autocross!
My goal at this, my third nationals, is to finally trophy!
Oh, and for all you people who picked my codriver Josh Sirota to win over 
me (currently 15 votes for him vs. 3 for me) you've [hopefully] thrown away 
your vote... not that it bothers me or anything!!!! :)

        --Darren Madams

Check out or ask me at Nationals if you're interested 
in karts!

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