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RE: I'm coming to Kansas!

To: "Team.Net" <>
Subject: RE: I'm coming to Kansas!
From: Kevin McCormick <>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 09:00:46 -0700
> At 11:22 PM 8/31/00 -0400, Vince Bly wrote:
> >1> When are you arriving/leaving?
Arriving Friday, Leaving following Friday/Saturday

> >2> Where are you from?
Rocklin, CA (Near Sacramento)

> >3> Where are you staying?
The Capitol Plaza

> >4> What are you driving?/In what class?
1997 Integra Type-R in GS for both the Pro-Solo and Nats - along with
co-drivers Katie Elder and Rod McLane

> >5> When are you running?
Pro Saturday/Sunday, Nats Tuesday/Wednesday.

> >6> And?

Wanting/helping my co-driver to get a trophy this year!  Hence the tape
saying 'Look ahead, unwind, unwind, gas, gas, gas, Look ahead, unwind...'  

Kevin McCormick

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