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Re: I'm coming to Kansas!

Subject: Re: I'm coming to Kansas!
From: Mari L Clements <>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 16:19:34 -0700
> 1> When are you arriving/leaving?
Arriving as soon as I can.  (Leaving immediately after I teach my
Thursday afternoon class.  Planning on driving all night and getting to
Topeka Friday.)  Leaving Saturday morning.

> 2> Where are you from?
Originally? Tennessee.  Now (and temporarily)? Stormstown, PA.

> 3> Where are you staying?
Uh, Eric???

> 4> What are you driving?/In what class?
1991 MR2 NA/CSL

> 5> When are you running?

> 6> And?
51 CS and only 7 CSL?  And two of them are Chris McKinney and Marchell
Fletcher?  Sigh.

'91 MR2 NA
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