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Re: I'm coming to Kansas!

Subject: Re: I'm coming to Kansas!
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 05:17:39 EDT
1> When are you arriving/leaving?
  Arriving on Saturday the 9th.  Leaving on Thursday the 14th.

2> Where are you from?
  Verona, OH.  Near Dayton.

3> Where are you staying?
  Motel 6 on Wannamaker.

4> What are you driving?/In what class?
  '98 ACR Neon.  DS.

5> When are you running?
  Tues/Wed - 2nd heat.

6> And?
  I am overwhelmed by the response to my plea for a ride (my car can't make 
it).  Thank you.  There are some nice people doing this autocross thing.

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