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Re: [Roadsters] '63 1500 Description Comments from Newbie

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Subject: Re: [Roadsters] '63 1500 Description Comments from Newbie
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Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 19:35:36 -0400
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I was under the impression you could revise a description, obviously the 
rules changed.  I do have an issue withe the following statements in the 
description coming from someone that has owned the car for 2 weeks:

If a new driver drives the car, he or she might say the car pulls slightly 
sometimes to the left or right when you brake (not every newbie, just 
some)...I drive the car enough such that I don't notice this if it occurs, 
as I must compensate/anticipate for it subconciously if these newbies are 
indeed correct.

The car is very solid and is used at least once a week, and is very 

The battery doesn't have to be disconnected so it doesn't drain it, even if 
it stays unused for weeks

The guy is repesenting the car as an original 46 year old car, acting like 
he has known it all of his life.  This car has all of the hard to find 1500 
parts missing, the wrong top and frame, and electrical issues stemming from 
the fact that it is a positive ground car that has been wired up backwards. 
I know this because I have had 1500's for a long time.  All years, all 
models, all varations.  I know what happens when you do something wrong with 
them, I know the side trim is impossible to get,  I know the emblems are 
$200 each,  I know people have bought whole cars just for the hub caps. 
When the buyer of this car finds out he paid too much for this paticular 
1500 it give us all a bad name with him.


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