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Re: Walter Mitty - MG TR Challenge April 2005

To: Jeff Snook <>,, fot@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Walter Mitty - MG TR Challenge April 2005
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 13:24:26 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
I agree 100% with Jeff. We would need a space of our own . I started driving 
Road Atlanta in 1975 and it has gone from one of my favourite tracks to one of 
my least favourite tracks in a very short time. 

Alan Taylor . . driver of #24 SLMF TR4.  
(If this race car does not get finished soon I may have to put one of my own 
cars together)

Please add me to the list below...Thanks

Subject: Re: Walter Mitty - MG TR Challenge April 2005

OK, Joe, put me and my TR3A down as a possible.

One gripe I've had with the Mitty is that I used to have to arrive on
Wednesday afternoon to get in line to enter the paddock on Thursday morning
(or some ridiculous early arrival scheme!) in order to get a paddock space
that wasn't out in the boonies somewhere.  Maybe we could have a separate
Triumph paddock roped off so we could just arrive the afternoon before and
be ensured of a decent paddock spot.

That's my suggestion AND the reason I have avoided the Mitty for the last 4
or so years.  I love the event and the track, but not the hassle.

Jeff Snook

 In 24 hours the FoT has yielded a blue ribbon panel of Triumphs, mostly
 Where are the rest of youse guys?

 1   Joe Alexander
 2   Mike Munson
 3   Don Marshall
 4   Bill Babcock
 5   Jack Drews
 6   George Wright
 7   Alan Pinel
 8   Jerry Barr
 9   Richard Taylor
 10  Suddard/Jackson
 11  Bill Dentinger
 12  Bob Kramer
 13  Tony Drews
 14  Leo Oddi
 15  Irv Korey

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