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Re: Walter Mitty - MG TR Challenge April 2005

To:, fot@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Walter Mitty - MG TR Challenge April 2005
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 20:42:54 EDT
Henry, my young friend,

You are in the enviable position of being "young as a pup". Most of us are 
"older than dirt".

Long ago, I vowed to run as many significant venues as I could before I stand 
my Nomex Underwear in the corner.

There will be a bunch of us that are over 60 that will be at Atlanta for the 
first time in 2005.   We dont necessarily know where we are going to be in 

Come catch us if you can.   :-)  And why would you deny Helen the pleasure of 
our company.

I hereby nominate Henry Frye as "COM". (Curmudgeon of the Meet) 

Joe (A)

> I'm going to be sitting out the big "Festival" events for a while. After my 
> Watkins Glen experience where I paid over $500 (including membership 
> renewal) to run 5 sessions over 4 days and none of the sessions had more 
> than 6 timed laps I'm focusing my schedule on events where I can actually 
> run the car.
> Those recent comments about the packed paddock don't get me very excited 
> either!
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