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Re: Walter Mitty - MG TR Challenge April 2005

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Subject: Re: Walter Mitty - MG TR Challenge April 2005
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 10:51:49 EDT

When HSR approached me about the Mitty, I flat out told them for a guy like
me in my Triumph the event sucks. It just wasn't the same as it used to be.
Rather than tell me to screw, they said bgreat, Mr. smarty pants, what
should we
do to make it more appealing to guys like youb.

That's what this is all about, getting events back to the fun party
atmosphere. Things like the Kumho new MINI Challenge, MG/Triumph Challenge, a
manufactuer's midway with 50 vendors (and now we are talking about a downtown
thing in
Flowery Branch Saturday evening), make these events more fun for us, and
especially more fun for spectators and family and friends who come along.

Another thing that hasn't been mentioned, is fans... maybe I am an egomaniac,
but I feel a lot less like I am jerking off when there are 20-30,000
screaming fans when I race than when the stands are empty. This is one of the
things about a big event.

Tim Suddard
Publisher, Grassroots Motorsports/Classic Motorsports
Phone (386) 673-4148 Fax (386) 673-6040

In a message dated 10/5/04 10:13:15 AM, writes:

> To the Great Unwashed:
> I like Henry's term of "Festival Event". I also appreciate his opinions and
> I
> have another spin on this. I'll try to make it brief.
> BRIC is a 'Festival Event'.
> At one time Group 2 was the most heavily subscribed group at BRIC. This is
> 'our' group.
> I noticed the numbers were WAY down for BRIC's Group 2 in 2004, and it
> that the 'gate is down, as well. Between the cost for entry at BRIC and the
> family cost at the gate, many of us are voting with our feet. The vendors
> are as
> well.
> I'd like to think that folks identify mostly with the 'production' based
> cars
> that we drive and that we provide a draw. (I know that there are other
> factors at play here)
> I sense that the Walter Mitty has experienced some of the same maladies and
> between HSR and GRM, they are attempting to reprofile the event for more
> universal appeal.
> The Triumphs have had some great successes at Mid-Ohio, Mosport, ViR, and I
> expect the same at the Walter Mitty. (I am not forgetting Button Willow in
> the
> West)
> My budget is good for one Festival Event a year, especially if Triumph is
> featured and focused. Looks like the Walter Mitty is it for me and many
> others.
> If we continue with these successes, I suspect Road America & BRIC will be
> approaching us in 2006 or 2007.
> Let's do it!!!
> Joe (A)
> B  B 
> > Bill,
> >
> > I appreciate this well thought out response to the FOT at large.
> Obviously,
> > it is all a dollars and cents issue, as if somebody in the loop is losing
> > lots of money, there will be no more tracks to race at or sanctioning
> > bodies to organize events.
> >
> > It just seems to me the "for profit" sanctioning bodies are getting fat
> and
> > have lost all interest in us, the small bore, grassroots community.
> >
> > Luckily,B  the "not for profit" sanctioning bodies are still catering to
> us.
> > My hat is off to FOT alumni Bob Wismer and Bill Dentinger of VSCDA, and
> > Mike Jackson of VDCA. I'll bet I am missing others who are involved in a
> > sanctioning body, I apologize for my omission to each and every one of
> you.
> >
> > I will continue to happily pay my dues and run events put on by VSCDA,
> > VDCA, VARAC and the newly formed, northeast US based Vintage Racer Group,
> > headed up by Mark Palmer, the MGVR leader.
> >
> > As far as your comment about track owners being squeezed for cash, I
> > certainly sympathetic. I have many thoughts about this that are well
> beyond
> > the scope of the FOT mail list, and I look forward to boring you with
> > at Mid-Ohio next week!

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