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FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006

Subject: FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 12:38:47 EDT

Here we go again. I love it.

While at Road Atlanta, we received an invitation to make an "FoT Appearance" 
at Mid-Ohio 2006.  A firm proposal is not on the table, but it could be 
something like a Triumph/Morgan Feature Race.

Our events there have been quite successful (unless you rode your Triumph 
Bicycle on the track during touring).

This SVRA event would not have anything to do with the Kastner Cup Event.  
That event will occur West of the Mississipi.  Ideally, timing and logistics 
would allow many of us to attend both events, where ever they may be.

I'll try to summarize the feedback, including alternative venues. A decision 
must be made prior to the 2005 Mid-Ohio SVRA event.


Joe (A)
Disclaimer:  I am not personally promoting anything at the moment. (When I 
do, you can be sure it is in my own selfish best interests.)

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