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Re: FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006

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Subject: Re: FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006
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Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 19:50:17 -0400
> Thats okay, Joe, because we all know thats the way you are.Everyting for 
> From:
> Date: 2005/05/03 Tue PM 12:38:47 EDT
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> Subject: FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006
> FoT:
> Here we go again. I love it.
> While at Road Atlanta, we received an invitation to make an "FoT Appearance" 
> at Mid-Ohio 2006.  A firm proposal is not on the table, but it could be 
> something like a Triumph/Morgan Feature Race.
> Our events there have been quite successful (unless you rode your Triumph 
> Bicycle on the track during touring).
> This SVRA event would not have anything to do with the Kastner Cup Event.  
> That event will occur West of the Mississipi.  Ideally, timing and logistics 
> would allow many of us to attend both events, where ever they may be.
> I'll try to summarize the feedback, including alternative venues. A decision 
> must be made prior to the 2005 Mid-Ohio SVRA event.
> Regards,
> Joe (A)
> Disclaimer:  I am not personally promoting anything at the moment. (When I 
> do, you can be sure it is in my own selfish best interests.)

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