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Re: FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006

Subject: Re: FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 13:57:31 EDT

First, Henry........congratulations on your break through year for being a 
Triumph Hot Shoe. It looks like you are in the hunt for the Top Triumph Dogs 
likely to give them a run for their money, and very soon. Wow! Almost broke 
into the 40s at RA.  

I am sure that the right decision will be made regarding another TR 
"appearance".  Once the decision is made, we can all support it 100%.  Anything 
than that saps the energy out of creativity and volunteerism.

Once someone steps up to the plate with a sound proposal and is willing to 
follow through with it, the choice will become more obvious. I like all of your 
choices, btw.

Also, Hallett is a potential location for the Western Event and the Kastner 
Cup. But I am sure the "Western" guys have a few of their own ideas. We can 
include Hallett on an Eastern Spreadsheet
Nice start to Excel Spreadsheet...any volunteers for doing the spreadsheet?

Joe Alexander

> While I am sure you all know what I am going to say, I'll say it again 
> anyway...
> ;-)
> My vote is to try to get the "FoT Appearance"  at an event that is NOT an 
> HSR/SVRA type event. Especially not Mid-Ohio.
> I really think we will get more attendance if we can get more than 5 
> sessions for $400.
> We have a calendar full of opportunities with VDCA, VSCDA, VARAC and VRG. 
> Why not one of these? What happened to the idea of Hallet?
> I think we just need to pick an event and all show up. These events have 
> plenty of track time, and would be happy to have 25+ Triumphs show up.
> How about the VRG event at BeaveRun? Just outside Pittsburgh. Early July. 
> Held a week from the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix so folks with a long tow 
> can run both.
> Or Road America in September with VSCDA?
> Or VIR with VDCA?
> Or Mosport with VARAC?
> Anything but SVRA at Mid-Ohio. Please...

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