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RE: FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006

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Subject: RE: FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 12:45:38 -0700
Tulsa is a city? 

Snide remarks aside, from my conversations in the pits it seems there are a
lot of people pining over some of the west's great tracks. Perhaps the
solution is to create a swing that could include several racing
opportunities for a long tow. Certainly getting your car onto Laguna Seca
and experiencing the Andretti Hairpin, the corkscrew, and turn 9 firsthand
is a must do. San Francisco SCCA has a fall Vintage event that has track
time beaucoup. So does CSRG. Then there's the carousel, the evil turn 10,
the tricky S turns and the nerve-wracking wall corner at the end of the
straight at Sears (Infinion). IMHO the great western tracks include those
two, plus Pacific Raceways in Kent, NOT Portland International (fun but
flat) and Thunderhill. Thunderhill in particular will make you crazy. It's
the most under-promoted track around because it's owned by the SF SCCA and
it's strictly club racing. 

With a little work I bet we could come up with a multi-track, true western
event that included at least one of those tracks PLUS Hallet. 

Bill Babcock
Babcock & Jenkins

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Subject: Re: FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006

Hey everyone,

Hallett would be a great place to have an FOT gathering -- it does not have
the spectatorship of a Mid-Ohio or Road Atlanta, but it has one of the most
technical courses in the US with many elevation changes and challenging
corners; it's centrally located; the scenery is beautiful and the folks are
great.  CVAR will be racing there October 7-9, 2005.  The Stephens are great
to the vintage racers, and there is a vintage costume contest planned for
this upcoming event.  Check out the Hallett link at:  

There's lots of grassy parking, some covered parking, showers, a restaurant,
and lots of track time.  And who can forget waking up to the Chicken Song!?!
Plus it's close to Tulsa for those who like to shop or visit the city.

Think about it!  I would be happy to help plan the event if it is decided
this is the one folks want to come to.

Keep Triumphing,
Susan    :)

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From: Henry Frye
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 13:29:15 -0400
Subject: Re: FoT Invitation to SVRA's Mid-Ohio-June 2006

At 12:38 PM 05/03/2005 -0400, wrote:

>While at Road Atlanta, we received an invitation to make an "FoT
>at Mid-Ohio 2006.  A firm proposal is not on the table, but it could be 
>something like a Triumph/Morgan Feature Race.

While I am sure you all know what I am going to say, I'll say it again


My vote is to try to get the "FoT Appearance"  at an event that is NOT an
HSR/SVRA type event. Especially not Mid-Ohio.

I really think we will get more attendance if we can get more than 5
sessions for $400.

We have a calendar full of opportunities with VDCA, VSCDA, VARAC and VRG. 
Why not one of these? What happened to the idea of Hallet?

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