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RE: Yoko AO48's

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Subject: RE: Yoko AO48's
From: "Don Marshall" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 11:13:03 -0400
Henry, I don't know what the problem with the 048s is as it relates to
the spec racers, but look at these comments.


It looks as if SCCA has decided there's a problem with the 048s and is
working to correct whatever it is.  In the second discussion the 048 is
described as a great 1 session tire.  It's also $179 at Tire Rack and
needs to be shaved on top of that.  We need lots more information before
we try to get that one approved.  Be careful what we ask for, we might
just get it.  Don

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Subject: Yoko AO48's

Continuing the never ending tire thread...

Does anyone have any track experience on the Yokohama AO48? This appears
be the only radial competition tire in our 205/60X15 size.

Thanks in advance.

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