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RE: Yoko AO48's

To: Henry Frye <>, <>
Subject: RE: Yoko AO48's
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 09:00:22 -0500
I think that the fact that Yokohama seems to be responding to SCCA's 
request for changes in that tire sheds a ray of hope. Do you suppose 
that  a concerted effort on the part of all the vintage race groups 
would have any effect on Hoosier?

....but maybe a better questions is, if there were two tires, a 
Hoosier available that lasted two events and was sticky, plus a 
Hoosier that lasted four events and was not quite so sticky, which 
one would sell the most?

I personally would buy the one that lasted the longest. Tony would 
too. Winning is not number one on our agendas. Number one is having 
fun, and for us that means being able to afford having fun.

I had an interesting tire experience last weekend at Road America. I 
was running Hoosiers that had one race weekend on them (plus one 
really old one from the basement replacing the one tire that wore out 
in the first weekend). I knew that the tires were all less sticky 
after going through that number of heat cycles. "So how did those 
hard-as-a-brick tires compare under racing conditions?", one might 
ask. On these harder tires, which didn't show very much wear through 
the second weekend, I turned the best lap time of my life at that 
track -- 2:53.6 (just ahead of a Corvette nyuk nyuk.)

At 07:48 AM 9/24/2005, Henry Frye wrote:
>The only competition radial tire that is made in our size seems to 
>be a loser, not that I held much hope for the AO48 in the first 
>place. The tire is essentially a slick with some grooves molded in. 
>Not exactly vintage...
>The quest continues...

uncle jack 

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