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FOT & the Fun of Vintage Racing

Subject: FOT & the Fun of Vintage Racing
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 09:12:08 EST
    Over the years, there have been a number of efforts made to control the 
cost of racing by creating a subclass of cars within a SCCA race group (Spec 
Miatas, RX7s) and even vintage racing with (Porsche 2.0 liters). FOT certainly 
has the expertise to go about creating a set of similar specifications of 
various categories of types of Triumphs. In fact, Glen's adhoc comments address 
many of the key issues (although he did not address the all important minimum 
weight for car and driver). 

    FOT could in fact help control the spiraling costs of vintage racing as 
well as even the playing field (per Suzy observations) by having standard 
specs. Frankly, I also think this may be in our own financial interests as it 
help buyers differentiate well prepared cars which have been recently 

    However, there is a need for FOT and vintage race organizations to start 
examining cars that are newer than 1972. Some pretty interesting Triumph 
racing occurred after 1972. Is it preserving history by changing those cars 
post 1972  by changing them back to 1972 specifications? My prediction is that 
as the era of current vintage racer gets more ancient that sanctioning bodies 
will get more pressure to allow newer cars that the younger generation of 
vintage saw raced. 

    Racing with the Porsche Club is an immediate lesson in cubic dollars. It 
forces one to ask the question, how do I measure my own performance amongst 
such a wide variation in cubic dollar investment. The answer for me was a 
personal quest for lower lap times with the same car with minimial new 
investment in 
speed enhancements. However, I really never knew how well a more experienced 
person could have driven my car around the track.

    If there is a common level of preparation, we could mantain benchmarks of 
performance at various tracks. I suppose we might have that already by the 
performance of the Drew, Jackson, and Snook. (However, us big guys are giving 
them 5 - 10 horsepower advantage in personal weight.) Perhaps, as part of the 
specification, we need to encourage these guys to put on a little weight over 
the holidays :).

Seasons Greeting, Cary

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