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RE: FOT & the Fun of Vintage Racing

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Subject: RE: FOT & the Fun of Vintage Racing
From: "Barr, Scott" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 11:59:17 -0600
<<I don't want to drive a Spec Spit or TR4>>

Yeah, that was the point of my message to Cary -- nobody seemed very
interested in the idea a few years back.

Even though it would be fun, it would be tough to do inside FOT, given
the wide diversity of clubs we come from.  In our Midwestern Council
club, for example, nobody cares much whether you're running flares,
Webers, etc. (V8?) as long as it's all screwed together safely and you
don't drive it like a maniac.

All the "vintage" cars run in the same race group with the slower
cars' times being in the neighborhood of 150% to 160% of the faster
cars' times.  We all share the track and play nicely together.

There's no reason why that couldn't work in every club, but that's up
to each club.


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